Chateau Leoville Poyferre

St Julien, 80 hectares, 240 000 btl, 65 cab sauv, 27 merlot, 8 Petit verdot

Due to a division of the large Leoville estate (Las Cases, Poyferre, Barton), Leoville Poyferre was created in 1840 and classified 2nd growth in 1855.
From 1920 it is the Cuvelier family who owns and runs the estate. Major investments was made, cellar modernized and facilities renovated.
Final blend is made after many tatsting and the Chateau wine is aged in 75% new oak barrels every years.
Final wine is extremely well balance with a great deal of finesse.
Price range : 60-90€ age at least 7 years each vintage before to enjoy.

1842 vintage tasting

Exceptional tasting Ch√Ęteau Gruaud Larose 1842 !

Look at this color !
The wine stayed in the private cellar of the Chateau all this time, so the storage is a very important factor.
Unfortunately they don't still have precise informations about the correct blend but the truffle notes can indicate than Merlot where used.

Very light orange color, still alcoholic, light acidity, some truffle notes in the nose, no more structure, but amazing to drink this 170 years old wine.

I feel little bit younger now, may be it is the secret.

A big thank to the Chateau for sharing this exceptional tasting.