Chateau Suduiraut a 1st Growth in Sauternes

Chateau Suduiraut was classified in 1855 as a first growth in Sauternes. This classification, same as the one for the Medoc, concerns also Chateau in Barsac and includes famous Chateau d'Yquem as first growth superior.

Suduiraut is a property of 200 hectares half part dedicated to the vineyard and the other half to the forest. This point is important as it helps to control a certain level of humidity and helps to the development of the "botrytis cinerea or noble rot".

The vineyard is composed of 90% of semillon, 10% white sauvignon. The semillon is perfectly adapted to the "noble rot", it will grow from September to November and will make the skin so porous than slowly with time, water will evaporate and will concentrate the berries in sugar.

The berries mature on the vines and are harvested only when they look dry enough.

The sauvignon blanc will bring the acidity necessary to balance the sweetness of the wine.

Harvest are done by hands and take place from September to November. It is long and late harvests, 100 pickers are used to do them.

The Chateau itself is also a magnificant domaine and the garden were design by the famous gardener Le NĂ´tre who also design Chateau de Versaille garden's.

Chateau Suduiraut organizes visits and tasting, come to Bordeaux to discover this unique wine and beautiful region.

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