Chateau Mouton Rothschild the Labels History and Museum

One of the most interesting visit in Bordeaux is the visit at Chateau Mouton Rothschild. This one is unique in the sense of it is the only one that offer a collection of piece of art from some of the most famous artists in the last century : Miro, Chagall, Braque, Dali, Bacon, Koons,
even SAR Prince Charles did one for them.

Under the influence of baron Philippe de Rothschild, in 1945 to celebrate the victory on the Nazi, he decided to request the French artist Philippe Jullian to design the famous label showing the "V" for Victory.

Since, every year, a new artwork from a  famous painter, drawer or sculptor will complete the collection.
Some years and labels are more remarkables than other ones.

A label forbidden in US
Vintage 1993 by Balthus, showing a draw of a naked young girl. This label was ban in US because of puritan and was not printed on the bottles for this market. It shows a blank label with no draw on it so, if you have it in your cellar, keep it, it's a piece of collection.

Why 2000 as no label ?
Vintage 2000, no artist ! The bottle itself becomes the piece of art. It show a golden ram on it, from a reproduction of sculpture of Jacob Schenauer 1590.

Why the Picasso one is so big ?
Vintage 1973, Picasso. If you look on the size of the label you could see that the artwork is bigger than all the other ones. In fact the painting was not designed especially for the bottle and it is a reproduction of a painting made by Picasso in 1959.
Picasso died in 1973 that is why in order to celebrate his memory, the Rothchild ask if they could use one of its work and use it for the label of the vintage.

If you come to Bordeaux for a wine tours, ask us to book a tour for you at Chateau Mouton Rothschild. You will have the privilege to taste their wine and also visit this unique treasure located in the middle of the Medoc.

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